The construction and deconstruction of 'Made by Grarup'

- A review of Jan Grarup's work during and after the genocide in Rwanda

Mayday Press has dug into photojournalist Jan Grarup's pictures - and stories - from Rwanda.

The 82 page long exposure is compelling evidence of a man who has deceived his readers, listeners, viewers for almost three decades.

It is shocking and painful to realize how Grarup has twisted information given to him by survivors from the genocide to promote himself.

Mayday Press asked the international respected and multi award winning documentary filmmaker, Benjamin Chesterton - aka duckrabbit - to read the report. Here is a couple of qoutes from Chesterton on just one of the chapters:

"Disgusting racism. Unforgivable exploitation. Furthermore it is a mixture of racism and editorial incompetence that allowed these stories to go unchecked."

You have to read the report yourself. To find out how a man has managed to avoid being questiond on the most basic values we have as journalists. How the editors at Politiken has let down their customers by making money on a brand, a mans lies, for 20 years.

Only in Denmark, the country known for fairy tales like 'The Emperor's New Clothes' can a 'star photographer' get away with a behaviuor and storytelleing like Jan Grarup.

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